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US Postal Service: Three States sue Trump government

Three US states of New York, New Jersey and Hawaii are suing Trump administration over Postal Service slowdown ahead of Presidential Polls. It is a huge row over the federal agency, which is tasked with handling mail-in ballots for the vote which could “endanger” election plans.

Americans are expected to vote by mail in massive number due to the ongoing pandemic but Trump has opposed more funding for the cash-stopped US Postal Service [USPS].

New York State Attorney General Letitia James tweeted “This slowdown is nothing more than a voter suppression tactic, and we will do everything in our power to put a stop to the President’s power grab and ensure every eligible voter a ballot come November.” It claims President Trump has “reportedly, emphatically, and openly attempted to undermine mail in voting.” Officials appointed by him meanwhile “altered” processes that kept mail delivered on time, leaving to severe delays and a massive backlog.

Several states have announced efforts to increase opportunities to vote by mail, but Trump has voted opposition to the increase in mailed ballots, saying there’s an opportunity for fraud. Washington's solicitor general, Noah Purcell, said the President has tried to interfere with the state's elections, a violation of the constitution’s clear language that elections shall be governed by Congress and the states. At least 21 states plan to file law suits this week against USPS and its new postmaster Louis DeJoy who was appointed by the President.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill to give the Postal Service a $25billion infusion. The head of the Republican-led Senate however has said the body will “absolutely not pass’ the bill into law. At the Republican National Convention Mr Trump again claimed in his speech that it is “the greatest fraud in the history of politics.”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has dismissed the allegations. The top Republican donor told senators that all ballots will arrive on time and announced the reforms would be delayed until after the election.

Reporter: Shriya D

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