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UK Sanctions

1.The United Kingdom has sanctioned dozens of individuals and organizations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, and North Korea for committing human rights violations.

2. These sanctions prevent certain individuals or organizations from entering the United Kingdom, channelling money through British banks, or profiting from Britain's economy.

3. This new power authorizes the UK government to place sanctions on any foreign government officials or organizations if they violate any human rights.

4. Russia: UK’s sanctions target 25 Russian Nationals who were involved in the mistreatment and death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. In 2009, Sergei died in prison after uncovering a multi-billion dollar tax-scam which involved some top Russian officials. In fact, Russia's own human rights council suspected foul play in his untimely death.

5. Saudi Arabia: The sanctions applied were in relation to twenty Saudi Nationals who were responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

6. Myanmar: Forty-nine individuals and organizations have been sanctioned in Myanmar. This also includes the Commander-in-chief and the Army commander accused of organizing violence against the Rohingya minority.

7. North Korea: The sanctions in North Korea were placed on its Intelligence agency- the Ministry of State Security Bureau and the Corrections Bureau for operating prison camps, which the government calls ‘Re-education Camps’.

This move didn’t face any opposition from the government or the opposition lawmakers, but many questions were raised regarding the exclusion of Chinese officials over the new Hong Kong Security Bill.

Reporter : Pranav M

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