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Two Indian officials arrested in Pakistan

Indian High Commission staff missing in Pakistan

On June 15th, 2 Indian high commission staffers went missing under mysterious circumstances in Islamabad. The 2 have remained untraceable, since their abduction. Sources say the missing were 2 CISF drivers who had gone out for duty in a vehicle but never returned. The drivers’ names are Paul Selvadhas and Dwimu Brahma.

• Later, it was found out that the 2 had been arrested by police authorities in Islamabad after an alleged fake currency circulation case, but later the Pakistani Foreign Office said the 2 men had been involved in a traffic accident that took place in the morning and the same was the reason for their arrest.

• It is suspected by Indian authorities that the 2 had been abducted by Pakistani officials, but the official confirmation is yet to arrive.

• India had summoned the Pakistani Charge d’Affaires Syed Haider Shah and demanded the release of the 2 drivers in a strong note of protest.

• The 2 drivers had visible injuries, indicating that they had been beaten up in police custody. The 2 went under treatment upon their release.

• Sources also confirmed that the Pakistanis had taken possession of at least 1 vehicle belonging to the Indian mission but it was returned with the 2 men. 

• This incident has come right after a fortnight where India expelled 2 Pakistani officials from India after accusing them of espionage and behavior “incompatible with their status of members of a diplomatic mission”.

• Since the expulsion the Indian mission in Pakistan has faced daily harassment and India has sent a note verbale to ensure its officials are treated in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1922 Code of Conduct.

Reporter: Jovan

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