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Trump wants stimulus payments, school funds in COVID-19 bill

President Donald Trump wants to see coronavirus aid legislation pass that would include stimulus payments to individuals and school funding, after talks with congressional Democrats collapsed last week, with no conclusion being made on the status of the bill.

“The White House is still motivated,” Kayleigh McEnany told reporters. “The president would love to see the direct payments to Americans, the president would love to see the school funding. There are several items we would like to see happen.” However, as of now, no such action has taken place as of late.

President Donald Trump's new executive orders to help Americans struggling under the economic recession are far less sweeping than any pandemic relief bill Congress would pass.

Trump acted after negotiations for a second pandemic relief bill reached an impasse. Democrats initially sought a $3.4 trillion package, but said they lowered their demand to $ 2 trillion. Republicans had proposed a $1 trillion plan.

There are questions about how effective Trump's measures will be. An order for supplemental unemployment insurance payments relies on state contributions that may not materialize.

A payroll tax deferral may not translate into more spending money for workers depending on how employers implement it.

But it seems like all these measures being implemented is only for the president to try and increase his chances to win a slide in the polls with a show of action three months before he faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the November election.

One of the four new orders that were passed was on student loans

Trump's executive order extended a moratorium on student loans which was subsequently backed by the federal government, which was initially passed by Congress and will expire on Sept. 30. The moratorium also forgave interest on deferred payments.

The order, however, does not cover loans from private lenders as the government would have to repay those providers out of pocket, and the president lacks the authority to direct federal funds for such a purpose.

The order also does not amount to student loan forgiveness, which House Democrats have proposed in a pandemic relief package, but which Republican lawmakers have rejected.

Reporter: Adithi S

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