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As Election day in the States (November 3rd,2020) nears, President Trump once again sought to sow doubt within the public by questioning the adopted mail-in voting strategy.

With the major health concerns that come along with the ongoing pandemic, mail-in ballots seem to be a pretty legitimate procedure of voting while upholding social distancing.

President Donald Trump however seems to oppose the valid argument by countering it with the argument of possible fraud. He stated that the only way he he will lose the election is if the "election is rigged."

Addressing Trump's claims about how the nation is not ready for the volume of mail-in ballots expected to come in by November,the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told Senators in a hearing, that the Postal Services are ready and well equipped.

Adding to that, Republican Senator Rick Scott addressed the fact that Florida has a vote-by-mail policy that has worked extremely well in the past.

Trump made the aforementioned statements after former Vice President Joe Biden called Trump a failed President.

Joe Biden, one of the candidates running for Presidency, is about 7.4% points ahead than Trump in the polling average, and has been for a long time.

This position doesn't seem to be changing, and President Trump's statements about how in-person voting is necessary doesn't seem to help.

The suggestion would put a lot of citizen lives in jeopardy, considering the COVID - 19 pandemic. Although President Trump claims that the U.S. government has handled the situation to the best of their abilities, and quite well at that, the number of current cases and the death toll are a strong opposition.

With over 5.68 million cases and 176,000 deaths, it is quite apparent that the government hasn't been careful, and this seems to be one of the many reasons Joe Biden is currently leading the polls.

Reporter: Maahi Shah

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