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Trump signs executive order on coronavirus stimulus packages

On 9th August signed executive actions that extend financial relief to American citizens by the pandemic as polls have shown that voters have not been particularly happy with the president's handling of the pandemic.

The 4 measures have marked the strength by the president after Trump’s republican party and the white house team had failed to agree with democrats in congress on a new stimulus package aimed at stopping economically weaker Americans from slipping through the cracks.

Trump said about the actions, ”We’ve had it and we’re going to save American jobs and provide relief to the American workers. With double digit unemployment, disruption to businesses from social distancing rules and the coronavirus surge, many Americans have been relying on relief measures approved by congress earlier, which expired in July.

Trump has said his decision to circumvent congress with executive actions means that the relief would reach the people it's intended for faster. In reality, the decision is highly likely to face court charges because Congress controls federal spending and in any case they may add to lesser money than initially appears.

It is clear that Trump, who is heavily lagging behind in the polls against his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, the orders were just a showing who's in charge. Trump turned the signing ceremony in the ballroom into a barrage of attacks on his opponents and threw in some false accomplishments of his in office for good measure. To cheer up the club members, who were invited to watch the event, Trump crudely insulted leader of the house Nancy Pelosi by calling her “crazy” and denounced Biden as a member of the far left and additionally claimed that democrats wanted to “steal the election”.

One of the key Trump orders promises 400$ a week which is added to unemployment benefits, while 2 others offer protection from evictions and relief for student loans. The 400$ assistance is lesser than the initial 600$ extended in the previous package. It can also end up with 300$ being removed from the 400$, because Trump has said only 100$ shall come from the state and the remaining money shall come from federal budgets and only if states agree to or are able to do so.

The 4th measure, which is opposed not only by democrats but also by republicans, is a freeze in payroll taxes, but this is only a deferral and not a cut in tax.

Last week, democrats, republicans and white house negotiators worked all of last week to draft a bill, but both parties couldn't reach an agreement over the bill and thus the congressional relief bill for those who aren't able to make ends meet in the world's richest economy.

Democrats pushed for a huge 3$ trillion stimulus package aimed at propping the economy back onto its feet and repairing the shattered postal system in time for the presidential election and giving the unemployed 600$ a week. Democrats later announced that they were willing to drop the price tag but refused the Republicans offer of a $1.

Reporter: Jovan H

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