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Trump’s border wall funding denied by US Appeals court

• The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall spendings and has said that it was wrong of him to divert 2.5 billion USD for the Pentagon to the wall across the US-Mexico border.

• In a pair of 2-1 decisions the court has said the White House lacked constitutional authority to for the transfer and noted that the Congress had denied the funding. Additionally, the Court found no “unforeseen military requirement” to justify the funding.

• The court has also said that California and New Mexico which are border states and were among 20 other states suing the government, had legal standing to sue.

• Chief Judge Sidney Thomas said, “The Executive Branch’s failure to show, in concrete terms, that the public interest favors a border wall is particularly significant given that Congress determined fencing to be a lower budgetary priority and the Department of Justice’s own data points to a contrary conclusion.”

• President Trump had declared national emergency at the border in February of 2019 to access said funds.

• The Californian Attorney General and the House speaker Nancy Pelosi have praised the decision taken the appeals court with Pelosi even calling it, “a great victory for the rule of law”.

• The appeals court has also ruled that the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition now had legal standing to sue over the diversion and they deserved an injunction. Sources say the ruling is symbolic as the US Supreme Court stated in July of 2019 that the aforementioned nonprofits had no legal right to sue.

• The Supreme Court had also let the $2.5 billion be spent while litigation continued which some say has blunted the likely impact of the appeal court’s decisions on June 26th.

• The judges in the majority of June 26th’s  had been appointed by Bill Clinton and the dissenting judge had been appointed by the US President.

Reporter : J0van H

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