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Trump rains down on Kamala Harris, yet again

With the presidential campaign at its final stage, President Donald Trump on 9th September fired another shot at Kamala Harris, saying that it would be an insult to the US if she were to become president. He stated, "It's very simple to remember--if Biden wins, China wins, it is as simple as that. You have a situation where we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and we were forced to close it because the China plague came in and now we have opened it (the economy). People don't like her (US Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris)--nobody likes her. She can never be the first woman president of the US. It will be an insult to our country."

Last month an ABC poll found that more Americans approve than disapprove of Harris on the ticket by a 25-point margin, 54-29%. Harris’ net favorability rating has polled higher than both presidential candidates.

Trump slammed Harris for her rhetoric over the COVID-19, he even added on to his statement in which he said Harris would never be president, "I watched Kamala's whole numbers drop from 15 to almost zero (during the Democratic primary) and then drop out even before she ran in Iowa (primary elections) because people didn't like it. And I understand why she will never be president.”

In a Labor Day press conference, Trump even said that Harris was actively disparaging the vaccine so that people wouldn't think that it was a great achievement. Trump even went so far as to say both Harris and Biden should apologise for the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric. In an interview with CNN, Harris said that she would not trust the president unless there was a credible source of information.

Trump even called her primary performance a “free fall”, claiming that she was “further left than Crazy Bernie Sanders.” The Biden campaign has made no statement regarding these statements.

Trump railed the Biden campaign again by saying that Biden and Harris had formed an unholy alliance. Ever since Biden announced his running mate to be Harris, the republicans have not found a clear line of attacking Harris. The republican national committee even sent an email regarding the Harris pick with the headline “Liberals revolt against Biden.”

Trump has previously called Harris “nasty,” “disrespectful,” “the meanest,” “the most horrible” and a “madwoman.” He's even questioned the constitutional validity of her run under the Birther theory.

Harris retorted by stating in an interview, “They’re going to engage in lies. They’re going to engage in deception. They’re going to engage in an attempt to distract from the real issues that are impacting the American people. And I expect that they will engage in dirty tactics. And this is going to be a knockdown, drag-out. And we’re ready.”

Harris has even said, “If the past is any indication she believes health experts and scientists will be sidelined because he’s looking at an election coming up in less than 60 days, and he’s gasping for whatever he can get to pretend he has been a leader on this issue when he has not.”

Reporter: Jovan H

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