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Trump pins hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine by November

US President Donald Trump said that it was possible for the United States to have a coronavirus vaccine before the November 3 election, a more optimistic forecast than timing put forth by his own White House health experts.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. government infectious diseases official contradicted the Presidents hypothesis by saying there might be an indication that at least one vaccine works and is safe by the end of the year and even that would be ambitious.

Trump said he is continuing work on an executive order targeting eviction protections and unemployment benefits which will be part of an executive order, also possibly including a new coronavirus vaccine. The order would also address student loan repayment options and payroll tax cuts, he said in a tweet as Democratic leaders and Trump administration officials continue negotiations on a possible deal.

November 3rd was the president’s prediction which conveniently lines up with the USA midterm elections. This vaccine has become increasingly important as Democratic challenger Joe Biden gains steam, with more Americans scrutinizing the Trump administration’s handling of both the pandemic and the nation’s divisive racial inequities and this might be the presidents final attempt to gain the public’s favor.

All the datapoints we’ve collected make me think we’re going to get a vaccine prior to the election," Jared Holz, a health-care strategist with Jefferies, said in a phone interview. The current administration is “incredibly incentivized to approve at least one of these vaccines before Nov. 3."

Holz is not alone in that view. Raymond James policy analysts wrote in a client note that “the Trump White House is putting tremendous pressure on the FDA to approve an emergency use authorization. However, this could be potentially dangerous if the exact procedures are not undertaken in a proper manner.

There are 13 experimental coronavirus vaccines being tested in humans and more than 120 others in earlier stages of development, according to the World Health Organization’s latest count, although new trials are moving forward at record speed. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have been ramping up production and promising supplies of millions of doses of their still experimental vaccines before the year ends.

Reporter: Adithi S

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