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Trump Offers Confusion and Contradictions on New Immigration Order

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

If prosaic political wisdom is that a leader should never let a crisis go to waste, it follows that a crisis will divulge a leader's true priorities. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump's focus was just unclear.

President Trump is promising a new executive action on immigration as he returns to the defining issues of his governance. But Mr. Trump has offered a contradictory, confusing, and complex statements about his plans and actions in the recent days.

The President’s statements came after the Supreme Court repudiated his efforts to end the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which protects or gives security to young immigrants brought as children to the nation.

As a response to the rejection by the Supreme Court Trump said in the earlier month that he would quickly be filing paperwork to address the Court’s concern but he is yet to make a move.

On the other side, the newest confusion and Contradictions about Trump’s pondering began with the Telemundo interview where the President stated that “he would quickly be signing an Immigration IOU, a very good invoice and that of the merit-based bill. “ He added that out of the many aspects of the bill one of the elements will be DACA, which will be a road to citizenship.

The intricacy –

There is no such invoice existing to sign and there is zero ravenous in the Congress to Wade into estranging issue with 4 months to go before polls in midst of pandemic.

Contradictory to the previous statement In the later part of the week Elsewhere the President also stated that – “ We’re figuring out the authorized complexities now, however, I’m going to be signing a really main immigration invoice as a government order “ and in the big executive order would include DACA but we put it in and probably then going to take it out he added.

The Site at the White House-

Spokesperson Judd Dere – quickly tried to stroll again meandering comments saying that Trump “was working on an Executive order to establish a merit-based immigrant system to protect the American employees “

What’s at Stake ???

There are about 6,50,000 people currently enrolled in DACA who would lose their protection against deportations and the ability to legally work in the country if Trump dismantles the program again. Also, the program hasn’t accepted any new applications since 2017 and the Migration policy institute, A Non-partisan think tank estimates an additional 66,000 would now meet the age requirement for the program if it were reinstated.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has not appeared to have been accepting new applications, even though some immigration attorneys squabble that the Supreme Court ruling ought to require the program to it’s original or unique kind.

A federal court on Friday restored the program to its original form but, it’s unclear whether USCIS Will starts accepting new applications.

Reporter: Agni Tejas

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