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Trump claims Biden is "incompetent" to lead the U.S.

President Trump assailed likely presidential candidate Joe Biden as “not competent” to lead the country or as he put it, “He’s mentally shot” as said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

He even stated that if Biden was elected on November 3rd, he would “destroy the country”.

Facing the many challenges of a roaring pandemic, civil unrest and a tumultuous economy, Trump made a great many speculative accusations against the former vice president, claiming that Biden would triple the people’s taxes and defund the police, as is being demanded by many citizens. Trump, in light of Democrats banning church gatherings to control the pandemic, said “religion would be gone”, if Biden was elected. The interview, which was taped in advance, came in as new polling results show support for Biden, as doubt surges through the people’s mind due to Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

A recent poll conducted by Fox News showed that Biden had a substantial lead compared to the president with a 17 point edge in pandemic management, a 21 point lead in racial unrest and 1 point lead on handling the economy, which was long thought to be, Trump’s strongest point. Trump, in true Trump fashion, alleged that the poll was fake, saying White House surveys show him winning both nationally and in major swing states.

Trump repeatedly defended his handling of the pandemic by saying America is the envy of the world, in terms of handling the pandemic. Trump opposed any national mandate on masks, stating that he wanted people to have a “certain freedom”. In light of the racial tensions in the country and a recent resurgence in violent crime, Trump blamed Democrat run cities, which he claims are stupidly run. When asked about statistics claiming African -Americans are twice as likely to be shot and killed by white policemen, Trump taking an almost All Lives Matter-esque stance, replied,” Many whites are killed also. You have to say that”.

Analysts have raised questions about Trump’s strategy to paint a negative picture about Joe Biden’s mental health and age. The strategy as per multiple reports, seems to have backfired as Trump’s remarks have turned a key demographic against him-seniors. A troubling point for the president, Biden has moved up 14 points in the 65 or older category, which has propelled him up to double- digit leads nationally. In 2016, Trump won seniors by 7 points over Hillary Clinton. As said by Todd Belt, a professor of at George Washington University,” It can certainly backfire among senior voters, and it's not something you want to do when you're already starting to lose their votes, we've seen a big shift in the over-65 population moving towards Biden. This isn't a really good strategy to win them back.”

Biden’s gains with seniors have come in as the pandemic’s casualties are increasing each day, putting seniors at high risk. Biden has dominated the presidential race since March and has caused Trump to fall in polling. Trump is currently clearly trying to wage a culture war which seeks to tie Biden to protesters who have targeted Confederate monuments and efforts to “defund the police”.

Peter Kaldes, president of the American Society of Aging talks about this and says, "Like racism, ageism devalues human life." He said using "ageist stereotypes dubious campaign tactic,” while noting that at substantially higher rates than younger adults. He also said, “Ageist stereotypes in political campaign advertising not only perpetuates the myth that you can judge someone just by the number of years they've been alive, but it implies that there is a shame to being an older adult”.

The anti-ageist stance however isn’t universal, and as seen in 2016, Trump may be able to defy the polls once again.

Reporter: Jovan H

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