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Trump calls out Dr. Fauci, calls him an "alarmist"

In a heated conversation on Fox News with Chris Wallace on 19th July 2020, President Donald Trump, amid a series of false claims and insults, claimed that Dr. Anthony Faucci the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is a “little bit of an alarmist”. Dr. Fauci is a highly regarded medicinal physician and researcher, who previously played instrumental roles in handling federal responses to health emergencies.

In the interview, Trump went on to list mistakes that Fauci made throughout the course of the pandemic. He referenced Fauci's urge to the American people, in the early days of the pandemic, to not wear masks. Fauci, however, has defended this plea in an interview with a CBS Anchor, Norah O’ Donnell, that the desperate need for PPE’s during those times, transcended the need for all Americans to wear masks.

Dr. Fauci isn’t new to salvoes from the Trump administration. Recognised famously as a bipartisan health expert, who served under six presidents, Dr. Fauci, earlier this summer was taking flac for his lockdown and mask mandating policy views.

The White House seems to continuously skirt the advice of health experts and their measured predictions. The President has also expressed doubt that Dr. Robert Redfield, who predicted the virus would manifest in a potentially worse second wave this fall, doesn’t actually know.

As the President makes claims that are not fact-checked or verified, health experts like Fauci are urging the Americans to stay safe and socially distanced. The nation’s cases are surging uncontrollably and the President has inevitably brought politics into the government’s response to the coronavirus.

This predicament for Dr Fauci, is no doubt embarrassing but also uniquely consistent with Trump’s habit of targeting figures who were believed to be beyond reproach. And even though Trump has defended his relationship with Fauci the physician (responsible for so much of the early victories against this pandemic in the United States) might be seeing his way out of the White House soon.

Report: Omkar

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