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Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi calls COVID-19 the "Trump Virus"

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The President on Tuesday’s briefings at the White House on Covid crisis cautioned that the Pandemic is likely “To get worse before it gets better”. He also endorsed folks to wear mask in crowded areas . He added that there is a huge reduction in deaths and huge progress on vaccines and treatment for the illness. In the briefing he repeatedly mentioned “China Virus“.

After 19 hours of the Briefing by the President The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in one of the interviews hosted by Wolf Blitzer reacted on the President’s briefing calling the contagion as “Trump Virus” .

The Speaker added that – “It is the pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better” because of Trump’s passivity . Despite his somber tone earlier today he had exacerbated the pandemic in US .”

In the briefing Mr. Trump had urged the people to wear masks and maintain social distance after a long time when the effects of catastrophic has reached it’s peak , it’s clear that at this time urging to wear masks and efforts of maintaining social distance were too less and too late .

The Speaker in the interview to The Hills stated that – “If he had said months ago , let’s not , Let’s maintain social distance and wear masks” instead of having rallies and being reckless then more people would have followed his lead . She also added that “He has been a bad example and He is the President of United States .

It’s very evident that during the early times in March people were not warned about wearing masks and maintaining distance , instead the people were wide off the mark by telling by April we would all be going to the Church together , which was completely unscientific and unsubstantiated.

When asked by the host to the Speaker whether she believed thousands of Americans had died because of Trump’s response , Nancy Pelosi said “Yes , that’s what I am saying and I think it’s clearly evident.”

She concluded saying “ A briefing on the Covid Pandemic should be about Science and Reality, Governance and that is something Trump has overlooked . Adding to that she said what we have suffered is clearly because of the Trump Virus. “

Though Trump and the White House is awakening now , but during the initial times the President who ought to set a good example was ignorant of science and reality and misgoverned which led to death of lakhs of American lives , also the President though advised by the leaders to take directions from the Scientists was completely oblivious in taking direction to control the situation and Crisis rather they showed narcissism about their administrative response .

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