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The Republican National Convention: Day 3 in a nutshell

The RNC continued on Wednesday with a new theme, “America, the land of heroes”, with Vice President Mike Pence closing the evening from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, at the site of a battle during the war of 1812. Although the Republican Party promised a more optimistic and cheery convention than the DNC last week, the RNC has decidedly sprinkled in apocalyptic language that the country is on the brink of violence and corruption in its pitch and tone to Americans, so as to re-elect the man in charge.

Despite warnings regarding the coronavirus, speakers and spectators did not wear masks, and the speakers decided to hardly nick the surface regarding the ongoing pandemic. With Hurricane Laura just hours away from the landfall of the gulf coast, most speeches came from a room in downtown Washington and were taped in advance, perhaps before the storm.

The speeches and setting offered by the republicans showed scenes of a different America than most of the people living in America right now, throughout a summer of racial tensions, economic breakdown and a seemingly never-ending pandemic. Video presentations and speeches showing images of toppled statues, burning flags and smashed windows. Pence previewed his attack campaign against Biden and even fired shots at his comment on there being systemic racism in the country.

An amalgamation of external forces pulled the attention away from the convention, yet members of the party stood their ground and gave their counter message to democrats, focusing heavily on the freedom, military, law enforcement and the need for law and order.

Pence said, “President Trump set our nation on a path to freedom and opportunity from the very first day of this administration. But Joe Biden would set America on a path of socialism and decline. Every day, President Trump has been fighting to protect the promise of America. Every day our president has been fighting to expand the reach of the American dream. And every day President Donald Trump has been fighting for you. Now it’s our turn to fight for him.” Pence, who is the head of Trump's coronavirus task force, lauded his and Trump's efforts in the handling of the pandemic, which is rather redundant to say the least, considering how the virus is spreading.

Second lady Karen Pence also gave a lighter speech honouring the veterans and the Pences in the process. She said, “The Pences are a military family. Our son, Michael, serves in the U.S. Marines, and our son in law, Henry, serves in the U.S. Navy, and one of my key initiatives is to elevate and encourage military spouses. These men and women, like our daughter, Charlotte, and our daughter in law, Sarah, are the home front heroes.”

Kellyanne Conway, who had announced on Sunday that she would be leaving the white house at the end of august, supported Trump and his efforts to uplift women in leadership positions, it's notable that Trump has been named in quite a few sexual misconduct cases. Conway stated, ”For decades, he has elevated women to senior positions in business and in government. He confides in and consults us, respects our opinions, and insists that we are on equal footing with the men. President Trump helped me shatter a barrier in the world of politics by empowering me to manage his campaign to its successful conclusion.”

The senator of Iowa, Joni Ernst, talked about Trump's support for farmers and slammed the green new deal in a statement that read,“If given power, they would essentially ban animal agriculture and eliminate gas-powered cars. It would destroy the agriculture industry, not just here in Iowa, but throughout the country.” Biden has not explicitly endorsed the green new deal but has definitely called it a “crucial framework.”

Ernst has been an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in the military and is the first female combat veteran to the senate. She lauded the trade deals between the US and Japan as well as Mexico and Canada, Ernst didn't mention the phase 1 deal between the US and China which Trump has claimed has done wonders for american farmers.

Army veteran and Texas representative Dan Crenshaw talked about his time as a Navy SEAL, and called America the country of heroes. He said,”“Our enemies fear us because Americans fight for good, and we know it, America’s heroism is not relegated to the battlefield. Every single day we see them if you just know where to look.”

Crenshaw even talked about the current government's success in ending the ISIS caliphate and added that this success restored America's might again. Surprisingly this was the only speech to not mention Trump by name, which has happened to turn out to be a rarity in this convention.

Reporter: Jovan H

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