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The Republican National Convention: Day 1 in a nutshell

The Republican National Convention kicked off this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the official convention took place, with the vote on the formal nomination of the current president.

The theme of the convention was “Honouring the great American story”, speaking Monday, the president focused on the stock market gains during his first term and continued his onslaught of attacks against the Democrats. He delivered his remarks to a live crowd, marking the significant departure from the DNC, which was conducted online.

The republicans put up a withering case against Biden, and Trump is very likely to use the same tactic throughout the 4 days of the convention. The message of the whole convention can be simplified and be made very clear: Biden is a radical, Trump cares and pleads people to remember the pre-pandemic economy.

It was a night of dark and possibly misleading warnings about the hypothetical Biden presidency, which could, by Republican accounts lead to more crime, civil unrest, higher taxes, underfunded police departments and lockdown for the country (no particular attacks on the mask-wearing mandate, but the week is still young, and there are more speakers to come).

Trump gave his speech from the White House, which could be viewed as a method of campaign marketing-even bringing in hostages whose release the government helped negotiate, in a talk show like the moment, during this the president even went on to say, “ to me President Erdogan was very good”.

The segment on the pandemic was striking as the president sees this as a major obstacle to his re-election. Trump was in fact ahead of everyone else is talking about the severity of the pandemic itself, although, even this was downplayed by him.

Senator Tim Scott had by far the most important speech of the night, followed by Nikki Haley. Tim Scott put up a methodical case against Biden while attacking his record in public service. Scott also criticised Biden’s brash statements on race such as “you ain't black if you vote for Trump” and his sponsorship of a 1994 criminal justice bill. It wasn't just what he said, but who he was in saying it i.e. the GOP’s top African American lawmaker. Multiple African American speakers tried to downplay the allegations of trump being a racist, this could be a wise move if executed correctly to help the party’s chances with both white voters and voters of other cultures.

Former governor of South Carolina and UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech sounded like a remastered version of the entire Trump agenda. It's all refracted through a prism of traditional republicanism. Taxes and spending at home and projecting “American” values abroad or as she put it, ”He’s moved America forward,” she said of Mr Trump, while Joe Biden held America back.” There's some speculation that Haley stepped down from her post as an ambassador and distancing herself from trump to prepare for her own presidential run in the 2020 primary, which seems odd to say the least and is hard to imagine putting her on night 1 to put her in the best books of trump and more importantly trump supporters.

There were definitely shades of fissures in the GOP regarding the 2024 election, Haley even went on to say she would remove confederate flags, but did not use the word confederate, instead of calling it a divisive symbol.

Next came Donald Trump Jr, who came off as coiled, intense and partisan in his speech. The Cruz of his speech was very much like his father’s 2016 campaign, except for the addition of a new nickname for Biden, namely, Beijing Biden, who as of Trump Jr., “bring in more illegal immigrants to take jobs from American citizens.” The younger Trump seems to know quite a bit about getting under the skin of the left as described in his book “Triggered” and even seems to understand the political pressure points.

Reporter: Jovan H

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