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The Hypocrisy of the Indian Media in Religious Obligations

On the 21st of August, 2020, citizens of Mumbai flooded the Dadar Market for the Ganesh Chathurti Festival’s annual purchases. Dadar Market is a densely populated residential area as well as a shopping site. Dadar itself is considered the localities’ shopping paradise and is also a sightseeing spot for many tourists. The Dadar Market is a wholesale market, selling goods ranging from clothes to flowers and vegetables.

With the on-going pandemic, the G-North ward, which includes the Dadar market, has the highest active Covid-19 cases (1,001) in Mumbai. This ward was one of the major hotspots in Mumbai till June. But the crowding on 21st August, 2020 has raised a red flag among health care experts.

Social distancing norms were broken, proper guidelines were not set by the State Government for the citizens to follow which caused utter chaos in the Market. But if the members of the Muslim community did these same actions, it would be frowned upon, maybe even called names and slurs.

The State Government of Mumbai provided guidelines to Muslim Community to follow prior to the celebration of Eid- ul –Adha, which was on 1st August. They were required to purchase their sacrificial animal online and were required to offer their namaz at their own homes instead of going to mosques. People who came out of their

house followed strict procedures of social distancing and wearing masks all the time. They also refrained from hugging each other. Police officers secured most areas and made sure that rules were being followed. In fact, Eid – ul- Adha was a subdued celebration to the Muslim Community.

However, the most grandiose celebrations of the Hindus of Mumbai, Ganesh Chathurti, is being celebrated with utmost irresponsibility when thousands came out to make common purchases for the festival. Common social distancing norms, following of basic rules of a pandemic were all abandoned in due course of the festival. Guidelines that were provided for the Muslims community seems to have no existence for the Hindus.

The hypocrisy that exists in the media has to be called out upon. If it were the same situation but with the Muslim community. They would have been called out for breaking the rules and would portrayed as ‘evil’. Why hasn’t the media covered all the good half of Eid celebrations? Why hasn’t the government made the same provisions

for the Hindus just as the Muslims?

The hypocrisy that exists is deeply within the roots of our society. We have considered them to be evil so long that it has passed on for generations. Though capable of change, change isn’t seen. These religious obligations have been passed on from ancestors but now the human race is evolving. Religions are not something to be biased upon but to be united by.

Reporter: Disha Srinath

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