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Shocking footage shows doctor being dragged from dying daughter's bedside

United Kingdom — A ghastly video has been released of a father being dragged away by the police from his 6-year-old daughter’s deathbed.

Dr. Rashid Abbasi, a 58-year-old NHS (National Health Service of the United Kingdom) consultant was forcefully taken away from his dying daughter's bedside after a disagreement over the manner in which doctors were treating her.

On 19th August, 2019, Rashid and Aliya Abbasi were informed that their daughter, Zainab, was going to be taken off life support.

Zainab Abbasi suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Niemann-Pick disease. She was admitted to the Intensive care unit (ICU) in August last year, as she was in a critical condition and had to be placed under a ventilator.

The little girl had survived flare-ups of her lung condition once earlier; the parents were convinced that she would manage this time as well.

The day the police were called, the parents were embroiled in a heated discussion with the doctors in charge of Zainab’s healthcare. The doctors claimed that they reached their wit's end and decided that it was time to end little Zainab’s life.

There was nothing more they could do for her, but Aliya and Rashid, being doctors, vehemently disagreed.

From a medical perspective, they believed that their daughter had more time. They agreed that if the medication didn’t work, they would accept Zainab’s fate. Yet, the doctors wouldn’t budge.

Rashid Abbasi left an important meeting to go be with his daughter as he was afraid they would take out the tubes keeping her alive at any moment of his absence. While he was walking down the hallway to the ICU, a medical consultant blocked his path. Then, Abbasi proceeded to ask the consultant, “Why are you pushing me?”

The consultant said that Abbasi pushed him and claimed that he was being “aggressive”; therefore, the hospital decided to call the police.

In the video, the Abbasi family can be seen sitting solemnly around their dying daughter's bed. Rashid is holding her hand when he is asked to leave the room and converse with the police outside. Dr. Abbasi fiercely declines, and a distraught Aliya can be heard saying, "We have just been told about half an hour ago that they are going to take the tube out and that our daughter is going to die,”.

The police decide to resort to violence and drag Abbasi out of the room by force. As his ankles are being strapped together, a female officer can be heard saying, "You are acting like an animal; it's disgusting,”.

Dr. Abbasi is seen kicking and screaming in the video when suddenly he slumps down and says he’s feeling dizzy. He asks if he can reach for the medication in his pocket, which is denied to him instantly. Abbasi then proceeds to suffer from a heart attack.

An angioplasty procedure was performed on him in the next day.

Zainab passed away four weeks after the incident and three days before a trial regarding whether she would be taken off life support .

Almost a year later, the parents have decided to take legal recourse; they are suing both the hospital and the Northumbria Police Department for wrongful arrest.

All the Abbasi’s had asked for was for every option to be weighed before making an irreversible decision. Yet, they had been mistreated and accused of behaving like “animals” during a time of great grief and distress. This was their daughter life at stake, their wishes should not have been negotiable.

Reporter- Ananya Sreekumar

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