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Second ISIS operative arrested in Delhi

The Islamic state of Iraq, commonly know as ISIS, is an organisation of non state actors united under the same religion of Sunni-Islam who are also extremists, with a goal of restoring God’s rule on Earth. The ISIS is most commonly known for its notorious activities such as mass killing, abductions and public beheadings to spread their

message. It holds main territories in Iraq and Syria but its gruesome activities is experienced in the entire world. For example,ISIS' action in Paris shook the world. Evidently, this organisation has members loyal to them all around the globe.

Such activities have occurred in India too. On the 21st of August, 2020, Mustakeem Khan AKA Abu Yusuf, an ISIS operative residing in the village of Badhiyaa Bhaisaahi in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh, was arrested at around 11:30 p.m in Dhaula Kuan area of Delhi, the National capital. The operative was a suspect who was arrested after a brief exchange of fire at Dhaula Kuan and was said to be armed with 2 IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and a pistol. The suspect planned to conduct a “lone wolf attack”, a terror strike in Delhi on 15th August, 2020 but failed to do so because of heavy security forces. The operative was in direct touch with the commanders of ISIS. However, the operative is now arrested and remanded to an 8-day police custody.

The national capital and its neighbouring state, Uttar Pradesh is now placed on a high alert. All vehicles crossing the border between Delhi and Noida are being checked by police officials. Following the operative’s arrest, the police officials have raided six places across Delhi, Ghaziabad in UP and Uttarakhand. A police teamed reached Balrampur and stopped all activities in the village. Vehicles were not allowed to leave or enter the village and the residents are currently being questioned. Heavy security forces were present in this area. Meanwhile, the National Security Guard (NSG) forces and Bomb Disposal Squad carried out a search operation near the Buddha Jayanti Park in the national capital’s Ridge road area. This arrest followed days after an ISIS operative, a doctor was arrested in Bengaluru for alleged links to ISIS.

The pure motive behind why this operative chose to follow ISIS is unknown. ISIS operatives are present in many localities, globally. Their activities have the victims, the common citizens baffled. The activities of these non state actors’ organisation has left humanity ashamed. More of their members are coming out of the shadow. Instances that have occurred and are occurring globally only proves it furthermore.

Reporter: Disha Srinath

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