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Republicans dampen reports of Convention Media Ban

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The US Republican party has distanced itself from reports that the party convention or this month which formally renominates Trump will be closed to the press the delegates will meet in late August.

President Trump in july, scrapped a Florida convention, blaming the spike in covid-19 cases and announced a scaled-down event in the city of Charlotte. The convention will be attended by 336 delegates, who will also cast proxy votes for about 2500 official delegates.

A convention spokeswoman has said,”"Given the health restrictions and limitations in place within the state of North Carolina, we are planning for the Charlotte activities to be closed press Friday, August 21 - Monday, August 24.

Reporters will not be allowed on site as RNC delegates vote to formally nominate President Donald Trump as the 2020 Republican presidential nominee." but the stance of the RNC on the media being allowed isn't clear as they have also stated that there has been no final decision taken and they are still discussing media coverage points and logistics.

If the party's old comments still stand, then it would be the first nominating convention in american history to not have had a media presence.

Some delegates have privately raised logistical issues, stating the increasing number of jurisdictions imposing mandatory quarantine orders on travellers from different states due to the rise in covid-19 cases.

The convention will have to be carried out with utmost care as the US has a rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases and 336 people at one venue only gives a further chance of an increase in cases.

Reporter: Jovan H

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