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Only a few hours ago, the United States’ President, Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly via a pre-recorded speech.

President Trump began by acknowledging the global crisis we are currently facing, and went on to call it the ‘China Virus.”

Elaborating on his administration’s actions and measures to combat the invisible enemy, President Trump stated that the United States worked fast - so much so that the fatality rate in the state dropped 85% from April.

These statements of course, were met with a lot of debate and criticism by media houses and the general public - the United States has a death toll of about 200,000 people, and President Trump has made multiple remarks in the past that disregard the severity of the situation.

Further, President Trump went on to state that 3 different vaccines are at the last stage of clinical trials, and are being mass produced in order to be sent out immediately.

Coming close to defeating the virus that has caused a major shift in lives worldwide was celebrated, and the era after was described by President Trump as one of unprecedented prosperity, cooperation and peace.

Moving on, he demanded the United Nations hold China responsible for the situation. Trump stated that China closing only domestic flights and not international ones, was the sole reason we are in the middle of this pandemic, and economic crisis.

President Trump however, wasn’t done as yet. He stated that the World Health Organisation, is virtually controlled by China. The President brought up multiple valid points relating to false information being put out by the WHO.

These included the World Health Organisation’s initial statement of there being “no evidence of human to human transmission” and further, their statement of people not having symptoms apparently not spreading the disease. Both of these statements, have been proved incorrect, and therefore supported Trump’s claims.

Trump, adding on to the same, made multiple statements about China’s lack of acknowledgement and action on the deteriorating state of the environment - the country has twice the amount of carbon emissions than in the United States.

President Trump demanded China be held accountable, and further placed emphasis on the same by bringing up the concentration camps China has created, and the ethnic cleansing of Uighur muslims in the region.

President Trump is competing in the Presidential elections to be held on November 3rd, and considering the strong points and support he has received over the same - he might just have a plus!

Reporter: Maahi Shah

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