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PM Narendra Modi inaugurates the college building of the Agricultural University in Jhansi, UP

Prime Minister Modi virtually inaugurated the college building of Rani Lakshmi Bai central agricultural university in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh on the 29th of August. He ensured that this inauguration would improve the education, infrastructure & contribute to cutting edge research in agriculture as well as further farmer welfare in his tweet.The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

He also interacted with the university students about food processing and productivity in agriculture, especially in fruits and vegetables.

During the interaction, PM Modi asked a student about the awareness in the farmers about the micro, drip and sprinkler irrigation and spoke mainly about recycling and rainwater harvesting through new, innovative and cheaper technologies in the region."India took scientific steps to combat the attack of locust swarms in ten states in the month of May this year, an effort which must have acknowledged by the world," the Prime Minister said, adding that the country's scientists should also work on a 'One Life One Mission' basis, to innovate more people towards the scientific improvement of agriculture. Further, he added that the goal of self-sufficiency in agriculture is to “make the farmer a producer as well as an entrepreneur". He added that when farmers and farming moved forward in the form of an industry, employment and self-employment opportunities would come up in villages and in the areas near them on a large scale.

Moreover, he mentioned that the government has been working to link technology with agriculture for years now because agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s overall output and the livelihood of many rural Indians. "Be it drone technology, artificial intelligence technology, or modern equipment, young researchers like you will have to work continuously to make it increasingly useful so that it can be used in the country's agricultural system," stated PM Modi.

The Prime Minister also added that the government has been planning to introduce agriculture as a subject in the middle school level as well. “We are trying to sync research with agriculture. Our aim is to make scientific research available to the smallest of small farmers. The university, young researchers, and students can play a great role in it,” said Modi in his address. “Agriculture as a subject should be introduced at the mid-school level. It is important to take education related to agriculture and its practical application to schools,” said the PM. He also added that this step towards teaching agriculture at schools is going to make the Indian population keep up with the ways of agriculture and is also going to help sync research and technology with agriculture in order to make the process more efficient.

Reporter: Jaya Anisika S

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