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PM Narendra Modi Government’s latest step to reform bureaucracy: Mission Karmayogi

The Union Cabinet of India on the 2nd of September announced Mission Karmayogi, which is a unique skill development programme for bureaucrats across the country and the biggest Human Resources Development reform in the country. The central government announced that under this mission council, headed by PM Modi, it will approve the capacity building plans for the civil servants and will ultimately help training the officers to meet the challenges that the society puts forth.

Minister Prakash Javadekar said while introducing the programme that it will help the officers to learn about the best practices across the world. Officially called the "National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building", the mission plans to transform human resource management in the country. “The ultimate aim of this mission is to form a 'roles-based system' instead of a 'rule-based' practice and this scheme is based on the government’s vision on how a civil servant should be. A civil servant of today, in order to meet the challenges of the world, will have to be imaginative and innovative, proactive and polite, professional and progressive, energetic and enabling, transparent and tech enabled, and constructive and creative," said C Chandramouli, secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). He further added that the Central Government will set up a Capacity Building Commission to harmonise training standards. The commission will have shared faculty & resources. It will supervise all training institutions in the country, so that there's common understanding of India's aspirations & development goals.

To add on, this scheme will be accessible to all the bureaucrats from section officers to secretaries and will operate in two main posts: self-driven (the scheme allows the officer to choose any field of interest) ,and guided (official will be provided with the wherewithal to perform their jobs effectively). Several ministries will coordinate and invest to create a common learning system which works virtually. Also, the mission will have a total outlay of 510 Crore Rupees over 5 years. As of now, the Union Cabinet has approved three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) - one between the Textile Ministry and Japan for quality evaluation method, another between the Mining Ministry and Finland, and the last one between the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy & Denmark.

Moreover, the mission focuses on individual (Civil Servants) & Institutional capacity building. The scale is so huge that it could probably emerge as the largest civil service reform in the world in terms of spread and in terms of the depth and the ultimate purpose of all this is , is to basically equip the civil servants with a domain and functional competencies, which would be goal driven, and also build behavioral competencies. Overall, the launch of the Mission Karmayogi is a boon to all the civil aspirants in the nation and a unique opportunity to improve on their skills.

Reporter: Jaya Anisika S

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