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PIA suspends 150 pilots over license fraud

1. On May 22nd, Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-8303 overlooked 3 warnings issued by the Air Traffic Controller and crash-landed at a residential area in Karachi.

2. The crash left 97 dead and only 2 survivors. This led to an investigation launched by the Pakistan CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and the submission of a report.

3. The report found that the crash was caused primarily due to human error. In addition, there were allegations that many pilots didn’t sit for the exams themselves but sent someone else instead.

4. In January 2019, 17 pilots were suspended over similar allegations following a probe into an air crash.

5. The Pakistan aviation minister also said that suspending a third of the total pilots working for the PIA is a necessary risk to maintain safety.

6. The PIA has also set up an independent Flight Data Monitoring setup to monitor & analyze all flights.

7. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that the irregularities found in pilot licences at the airline represented a "serious lapse" in safety controls.

8. It has also been reported that the pilots were talking about the ongoing virus woes and didn’t heed to any of the ATC warnings. The pilots who are currently suspended will undergo a thorough screening and the CAA will ensure that all licenses of the pilots aren’t “dubious”.

Reporter : Pranav M

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