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Pakistan Stock Exchange Attacked

• Today, a group of 4 gunmen who claimed to be a part of the Baloch Liberation Army  stormed into the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi by launching a grenade attack at the main gate.

• The security post on the outside exchanged fire with the attackers, and this led to 7 police officials getting heavily wounded.

• All four gunmen were killed during the exchange of fire and while the attack was underway, the staff and investors present in the building took refuge in locked rooms while security forces tried to evacuate many from the back door of the building.

• The Baloch Liberation Army, the group responsible for the attack, is an armed resistance group in Balochistan. In 2018, they tried to storm the Chinese consulate in Karachi, killing 4 people.

• Over the past few weeks, fights between the Pakistani military and Baloch insurgents has intensified. The ethnic Baloch have fought long for a separate homeland and even though talks have been underway, Pakistan has suffered from such acts of militant violence.

• President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have condemned the attacks and have offered their condolences to the families of the 11 dead in the attack.

• It has also been reported that the gunman were carrying food packets on them and it is currently being speculated that this was a long and well planned attack.

• As of  now, the surrounding areas of the PSX building have been sealed and security forces are carrying out a preliminary inspection of the scene.

Reporter : Pranav M

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