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Worked as an Ophthalmologist at a reputed Medical College

“Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders, and seldom has a face. ”

- Jacques Chirac

The 8th of August, 2020- a date which instils nothing but fear in the hearts of Bangaloreans. The NIA arrested Abdul Rahman that day, for aiding the ISIS and for upholding their values.

Dr. Abdur Rahman (28) who worked as an ophthalmologist at MS Ramaiah Medical College was arrested in connection with the NIA’s probe against a Kashmiri couple - Jahanzaib Sami Wani and Hina Bashir Beigh, who were arrested in Jamia Nagar in Delhi earlier this year. Both of them were initially registered for propagating the ideologies of ISIS and affiliating themselves with the ISKP (Islamic State of Khorasan Province), a banned terrorist organisation which falls under the ISIS’ jurisdiction. Furthermore, they were also found to be in contact with Abdullah Basith, who was an inmate of the Tihar jail for another ISIS case.

The NIA, during further investigation, promptly arrested two more people in Pune, for planning out destructive activities during the anti-CAA protests. But, back to Abdur Rahman - During an interrogation session, he confessed to have been working with other ISIS operatives in Syria, to aid other injured officers. He had also been developing a medical application for helping wounded cadres of the ISIS army in conflicted areas, as well as a weaponry-related device. Sufficient proof was also found to conclude that Abdur had traveled to one of the ISIS’ medical camps in Syria, back in 2014. He reportedly stayed there for a time period of 10 days, aided the injured cadres and returned back to India.

The college as such has been quoted saying, “MS Ramaiah Medical College is not aware of Dr. Abdur Rahman’s activities outside campus. According to our records, he passed his MBBS from Bangalore Medical College Research Institute in 2014 and was admitted in 2017 under government quota through the Karnataka Examinations Authority. He completed MS Ophthalmology in July 2020.” in a round of official statements.

This arrest also comes amidst the UN report issued around a month ago, which claimed that around 200 terrorists populated Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and a few other South Indian states and it was only a matter of time before they struck. Further updates and statements regarding this arrest have not been released, except for the fact that Dr. Abdur Rahman is to be tried in the NIA special court in Delhi soon enough.

Reporter: Kruthika Senthil Kumar

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