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Manipur's Political Crisis

● Recent events have established that nine ministers and MLAs of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) lead coalition are withdrawing support as of Wednesday night. This withdrawing party consists of 3 BJP lawmakers who have joined Congress.

● Additionally, one of the four MLAs of the NPP (National People’s Party,  Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar indicated that all lawmakers of his party have withdrawn support. He confirmed that all resignation letters have been submitted to the Chief Minister’s office, stating, “We will move a no-confidence motion against the Chief Minister and try to form an alternative Ministry,”.

● Following this, the total strength against Chief Minister N Biren Singh stands at 28, consisting of 20 from Congress, four from the National People's Party, two from BJP, one AITC, and one Independent.

● As caused by the fallout of this event, Manipur will conduct an election for one Rajya Sabha seat on June 19 with candidates being fielded for the single seat of the upper house by both the BJP and Congress. While BJP has nominated Leisemba Sanajaoba, Congress has nominated T Mangi Babu.

● After these events as a means of control, the state’s education minister Th Radheshyam has stated, “It’s true the party is faced with an internal crisis. However, it will be resolved soon by our Northeast in-charge and Central leadership,”. As the coming events dictate important positions, the significance of the situation stays relevant Reporter: Rahul Kurien

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