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Manhattan D.A. investigates Trump's company for fraud

Incumbent POTUS Donald Trump’s Tax Returns have always been a sore spot. The investigation into his financial dealings recently got opened much wider, as the office of the district attorney Cyrus R Vance, claims they are investigating Trump for possible bank and insurance fraud. The suggestion rejects Trump’s previous legal recourse to prevent prosecutors from getting his tax returns and set outs that he must be forced to comply with a subpoena for his tax documents.

The revelation certainly adds an interesting aspect to the long-going effort to attain Trump’s legal documents. The particular attorney has experience dealing with probes into the Trump Organisation about payments made to women who have been alleged to have affairs with President Trump. But the probe deeps much further than hush money. Even the Supreme Court has made the decision that the President is not above a grand jury subpoena while holding office.

Trump’s lawyers have dismissed it, claiming it was “overbroad” and not genuinely motivated. They also mention the hush money paid by Michael Cohen, and believe it is a false premise for the probe. Mr. Vance and Donald Trump’s have been in a continuous legal battle for over two years

Sources claim that Mr. Vance has the habit of taking an unrelated premise and then going off on another intended tangent, without revealing it to the public. Just like how Mr. Vance subpoenaed his accounting firm Mazars, USA, the probe might go deeper then simply that. And with the Supreme Court ruling, claiming that the President isn’t free from grand jury subpoenas, the case now has more scope to investigate Trump and attain his tax returns eventually. They won’t be made public, however, as only a criminal filing and introduction in a trial will make them go on the record to the public.

Some claims call the Attorney and his case, much too politically motivated, and lawyers have asked the Federal Judge Victor Marrero to declare it unenforceable, on the grounds of the false premise. Mr. Vance has claimed that “rests on the false premise that the grand jury’s investigation is limited to so-called ‘hush-money’ payments”

The attorney’s office, whether interested in investigating Trump’s records any more than they already have, is two steps ahead in making sure, that the case isn’t delayed.

Reporter: Omkar

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