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Kanye West's Presidential Campaign: What's to it?

On 4th July, we unexpectedly saw Kanye West announce on Twitter that he will be running for the President of the United States in the November general elections.

While the internet assumed this was merely a joke, it seems as if the American rapper is pretty serious about contesting the Presidential elections.

West, who until quite recently was a Trump supporter and supported the ideals of other Republicans, has now said that he will be “taking the red hat off”, and will run for office under his own independent party, which he claims is called “Birthday Party”.

He announced that he’s running with the help of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, and has named him as a vice-presidential candidate too. 

While he has already missed the deadline to register his party in quite a few states, there are several states where the deadline is in August, so he has a very short time to get his act together.

The rapper also made a bold statement saying that it’s a form of “racism and white supremacy” for Biden to say that all black voters must adhere to Democrat ideologies. He has also revealed that his stance on abortions is that he is pro-life; additionally, he said that he is anti-vaccine.

He opposes the death penalty for convicts, and has also been open about his love for China as a country.

West’s statement that amused the internet the most, was that he envisions a White House organizational model based on the fictitious country of “Wakanda”, from the blockbuster movie “Black Panther”.

Only time will tell whether Kanye West will actually end up being a solid candidate for the 2020 elections, or the time constraint and controversies that surround him will have the upper hand.

Reporter : Pranav Govil

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