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In his newly released plan, Joe Biden strives to give a “Medicare-like” public option that would serve as an option for consumers to receive health care insurance,

Although Biden’s plan doesn’t necessarily go as far as Medicare for all, it is definitely a big transformation of the American healthcare system.

In a video that released alongside the plan, Biden swears that he wants to build on Obamacare, by adding a public opinion and making it even more accessible.

Biden campaign officials say the healthcare plan has the potential to pave the path for a Medicare-for-all system in the future.

In an effort to curb the continually skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs, Biden’s plan will allow consumers to purchase cheaper prescription drugs from other countries, while at the same time notice a change in the U.S - a limitation on increasing prices, and a repeal of an existing law that band Medicare from negotiating lower prices with drug manufacturers.

Another aspect of the healthcare plan is that undocumented immigrants can also buy into public opinion. This creates a strong opposition to the Affordable Care Act, which banned the same Another factor that definitely has to be appreciated would be the plan’s policy to permit consumers to buy into the individual marketplace and choose their healthcare provider.

The spending rate would be 8.5% of an individual’s income on insurance, instead of 10% as under the Affordable Care Act.

Over the past few years, “surprise” medical billings have caught political attention. Biden on his part proposes to tackle this with brand new rules, that disallows unnecessarily expensive rates in situations like emergency surgeries.

Biden’s plan plays an extremely crucial role in his political career, with emphasis on the upcoming Presidential election.

A plan that will raise maximum opposition from industry groups and congressional Republicans, Biden knew which spots hit hard while curating it, seeing as it is most definitely a crowd-pleaser. One that has the possible potential to be a winner.

Reporter: Maahi Shah