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Indore’s fruit seller takes spotlight with a speech in fluent EnglishClaims to be a Ph.D. graduate

“A white has no superiority over black, nor does a black have any superiority over white, except by piety and good action.” - Prophet Muhammad

Raeesa Ansari, a minimalistic fruit seller at one of Indore’s markets, took the internet by storm, for her fluent protest in English against the Municipal Corporation’s directives of clearing out all vegetable and fruit vendors. What we didn’t know at the beginning was that she was a highly qualified Ph.D. graduate in material sciences at Indore’s Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya.

She was quoted saying that she had to resort to selling fruits at the market due to multiple job rejections, simply because of the social and racial prejudice against her religion and identity as an Islamic woman. Furthermore, she says that the moment someone, especially a potential employer hears her name, he/she is immediately biased and she’s rejected the opportunity. She elucidates, saying that the mere perception that the Novel Coronavirus is being generated by Muslims, has resulted in hate against their community.

She explains patiently that having more than 20 members in her family, if her fruit cart is pushed off the road, then she has no means to feed them. She goes on to say that there are rarely any buyers anyways, what with COVID-19 taking a poll on the grass-root level, and if this single means of income is plugged, then they’ll have no alternative to resort to.

A definitive outcome to this protest hasn’t been given yet, though this does tell us clearly the prejudice that is being suffered by Muslim men and women. This also comes amidst the period where Rohingya Muslim refugees as well as other refugees are converting to Christianity so as to obtain citizenship under the CAA.

Reporter: Kruthika Senthil Kumar

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