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India’s vaccine for Covid-19: All major developments

Covid-19 has started spreading at an alarming rate in India, making it the third worst affected country in the world. India has also been working a lot on vaccine development lately and currently has seven vaccine candidates, out of which, two of the vaccines have been expedited for clinical trials. Indian Council of medical research (ICMR) has promised an ambitious deadline of 15th August for vaccine development in India, which emerges as a good news in the country. COVAXIN clinical trials to start soon

COVAXIN was produced by Bharat Biotech based of Hyderabad, emerges as one of the first home-grown vaccines to show massive potential in the country. Further, COVAXIN was pushed for regulatory approvals by the Drug Comptroller of India (DCGI) to start clinical trials in both first and the second stages. The board has fixed a deadline on August 15th for the end of the clinical trials and the beginning of the mass production of the vaccine. Moreover, the vaccine has been found to improve one’s immunity by increasing the level of antibodies produced in the body. Apart from this, Bharat Biotech has also been working on the backup vaccine plan called the “CoroFlu” which makes use of the influenza flu strain and has been produced in collaboration with several international virologists. This backup model gives hope for the country which is seeing the great surge in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Zydus Cadila’s Vaccine

Ahmedabad based Zydus Cadila has also secured clearance from the regulatory to start clinical trials.This vaccine has been developed with collaboration with multiple teams across India and Europe and this vaccine has been proven to work by boosting the immunity levels by fighting the virus mutation. Moreover, major vaccine production companies have also inked deals with leading vaccine firms, including the one produced by Moderna Inc. and AstraZeneca, which would help India deal with the pandemic. 

Reporter : Jaya Anisika S

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