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Goat “Arrested” In Kanpur - True or Fake News ? Here is the truth

According to a few news agencies, a story went viral on social media that a goat had been 'arrested' by the Kanpur police because it was not wearing a mask.

This incident reportedly took place in the Beconganj area of the city where the police had found the animal roaming around aimlessly. The cops decided to take it along with them to the police station. There, the owner was contacted and he came to ask them to release the animal. Later, he was released with the condition that he should not be roaming around and about at all.

The news spread like wildfire on social media. It became the joke of the day as everybody was thoroughly amused by this rather bizarre incident.

However, it has now been confirmed that there is no truth to these claims.

While it did seem that the animal was taken into custody, it was not the case.

The real reason as to why the animal was with the police was due to the fact that Eid ul Adha or 'Bakrid' was around the corner. The residents in the Beconganj area told the police about the animal walking aimlessly around the area.

Therefore, the police had decided to take the goat with them to the station where they had contacted the owner and called him to take the animal.

It was now confirmed that the goat was actually not being 'arrested' for not wearing a mask and just another instance of how Indian mainstream media tends to report based on sensationalism rather than the facts.

Reporter: Srijan Vasireddy

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