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Galwan Clash

• The Indian army said that on 18th June 76 soldiers were injured in a violent face-off against the Chinese military. 18 soldiers grievously injured have been admitted to a hospital near Leh and the remaining 56 have been admitted to other hospitals. None of the soldiers happens to be in critical condition.

• The clash that took place at the border was the most violent one in 40 years. Many casualties have been reported on the Chinese side as well, however, the state of China hasn’t given out an official number. Indian and Chinese officers have been in talks to de-escalate the tensions between the 2 countries.

• On 18th June an Indian major general and his Chinese counterpart met in Galwan valley. Talks between the 2 took place on the 17th of June but were left with no conclusion. Another meeting is scheduled for 19th June.

• The 2 armies in the Galwan valley fought in violent hand to hand scuffles, in which the Chinese army reportedly used clubs. China has made several military structures in the to the east of Finger 4 in the and has attempted to build a barrier in the Galwan river which can hold release water.

• So far the PLA hasn’t moved out of the galwan valley or the ridgelines around it. China on Tuesday claimed that the Galwan valley belonged to them. India has refuted the official statement. The 2 sides have now disengaged from the spot of the clash and no Indian soldiers have been reported missing.

• Despite escalating tensions with China, India will still take the 750 million dollar loan from the AIIB to strengthen India’s response to the effects of COVID-19 on the poor.

Reporter : Jovan H