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Fugitive And Self-Proclaimed God-man Nithyananda creates 'Hindu Reserve Bank'

The man, the meme, the self-styled Godman Swami Nithyananda has announced through a YouTube Livestream that he has created a micro-nation called 'Kailasa', with an unknown location, political and economic plans and even a Reserve Bank.

Nithyananda has said that his country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another country that will host his ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank’. This bank, however, will not be under the control of any country other than his own. 

According to Nithyananda, the bank follows all legal procedures and will use an extensive network of NGOs to channelise funds. The bank will also primarily be structured along the lines of the Vatican Bank.

Today, he revealed details from a 300-page document containing his economic strategies and political structure. As the self-appointed Prime Minister of Kailasa, Nithyananda has set up a government with at least one ministry and 16 departments.

This structure includes Ministry of Sovereign (Responsible for international relations),  Department(s) of state, commerce, housing, treasury, human services, education, enlightened civilisation, information broadcasting, health, Vedic science and technology, global communications, religion and worship, agriculture, environment and animals, national archives, and interior.

Currently wanted under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex) and 114 (criminal abetment), Nityananda fled the country in October and missed a whopping fifty court hearings.

Nithyananda's whereabouts are unknown, but people allege he could be hiding out in Trinidad and Tobago or on an island off of Ecuador, which his wealthy devotees bought for him; the Ecuadorian government denies his presence there.

In addition to his conviction, Nithyananda has been accused of having scandalous relations with a famous Tamilian actress and illegally entrapping children aged 9-10 years of age, who claim that they were tortured and were forced to work for ten whole days. 

In December 2019, Nithyananda announced via a youtube video that he was creating a country. Over time the following details have been released:

It is supposed to be an embassy for Hindus because "there is no place where authentic Hinduism is practised", hence any practising Hindu can apply for citizenship.

The website claims that it is an "E-nation" with no borders

Kailasa- "the world's greatest Hindu nation"- somehow has a population of 100 million "Adi Shaivites and two billion practising Hindus".

It has three national languages: English, Sanskrit and Tamil.

Nithyananda has also expressed that he aims to abolish global warming, promote gender equality and offer free healthcare to his citizens. 

The website blames the Government of India for Nithyananda's exile and adds that "Through the power of media houses, using hooligans and lynching mobs and the abuse of legal processes, he has been thrown out,"

Nithyananda has even created a 'Sri Kailasa Uniting Nations' along the lines of the United Nations, aimed at disarmament and action against enforced disappearances, torture, and inhumane treatment.

Kailasa has at least two universities, one gurukul, and a host of healthcare centres. One of them is the Nithyananda Hindu University which offers a Bachelors course in 'Living Enlightenment'.

It also runs puppet 'news' websites and channels such as 'Kailasa's Nithyananda Times', 'Kailasa's Global Times', and 'Kailasa TV'.

This pseudo-priest has used the power that has been provided to him due to his scarce charisma and devoted followers to start a whole country. Surprisingly, people are actively applying for their passports. This raises concern over the authority that has been given to just a common man on the basis of his traits and how he can sway people to make poor or harmful choices that may lead to heinous crimes. It is a solemn hope that Nityananda is stopped as the humor has been lost in this situation.

Reporter- Katyayani Nath

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