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Document admitting Chinese intrusions in Ladakh vanishes

“If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by the truth.” - Julian Assange

Chinese aggression along the LAC has been increasing at a steady rate since May this year, with marked events being the Galwan Valley face-off and so on. The Defence Ministry of India affirmed this in a document on its webpage, under the headline of ‘NEWS’. In a surprising turn of events, only two days after uploading it, it has been reported missing this morning.

A brief about the document itself - It clearly acknowledged the fact that subsided interactions and negotiations were taking place between the armed forces of both the nations to bring the situation under control. It further recorded the fact that a Corps commanders’ meeting was held on the 6th of June and what further happened. Quoting it, “However, a violent face-off incident took place between the two sides on June 15, resulting in casualties on both sides.”

“The Chinese side transgressed in the areas of Kugrang Nala (near Patrolling Point-15, north of Hot Springs), Gogra (PP-17A) and the north bank of Pangong Tso on May 17-18,” stated the document on the defence ministry’s website.

It also recorded the meeting between the Corps Commanders which took place on June 22nd, but mentioned that “the present standoff is likely to continue.” "The situation in Eastern Ladakh arising from unilateral aggression by China continues to be sensitive and requires close monitoring and prompt action based on the evolving situation," it subsequently stated. Essentially, this document affirmed the fact that there had been a Chinese intrusion, which in turn subtly hints at the self-acceptance of the ineptitude to maintain a secure border.

Under normal circumstances, the disappearance of this document would not have garnered this much of social media coverage and speculations, but for the fact that this is the first of any such document from the Central Government that officially acknowledged intrusion into the territory of the Republic of India by the Chinese army, amidst the stalemate over troop disengagement.

Almost as if on cue, comments and speculations have been thrown around, amongst which Rahul Gandhi’s statement, where he questions Prime Minister Modi, on why he is lying, has stood out the most. And we here, have only one question - Why has this been done and what does this imply towards India’s near future?

Reporter: Kruthika Senthil

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