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Daughter of a Senior Railway officer shoots her mother and brother

The Executive Director of the Railway Board, Rajesh Dutt Bajpai’s wife Malini and his son were found shot dead inside their residence at the Railway Colony, Guttam Palli area, Lucknow, by his 14-year-old daughter on the 29th of August, 2020. R.D Bajpai’s daughter is a claimed National Level Shooting champion.

According to the police report, this is how the series of events unravelled:

On Saturday noon, the daughter used a razor to inflict self-harm on her right arm and with the blood, she wrote “I am disqualified to be a human.” on a mirror in the bathroom and came out of the room. Promptly then, she shot her mother and brother in the head using a .22 bore rifle. The girl had apparently fired three shots. One at the mirror with the words written: “I am disqualified to be a human”, another at her mother and the last at her brother. Later, the girl herself informed the maternal relatives and the domestic workers about the incident. At the time of the incident her father was posted in Delhi.

On the arrival of the police at the site, they discovered that her grandparents were already present at the house. Upon questioning the domestic workers they confirmed that the girl’s mother and brother were alive in the morning and that they had met them. The father was informed immediately.

Under interrogation by the police, the girl was questioned before her maternal grandparents during which she confessed to the crime. The rifle used to commit the crime was later recovered at the disclosure of information by the girl herself. The police discovered that there were several wounds on the girl’s body which were results of self-harm. The girl was clearly mentally unstable and had been dealing with depression. The police commissioner stated that the girl has now been admitted to the hospital after which she will be sent to a child protection home as per the law. The police have ruled out the possibility of robbery as the girl confessed to the crime.

Reporter: Disha Srinath

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