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China Unveils Specifics of New National Security Law for Hong Kong

• On Saturday, China released details of what the new National Security law for Hong Kong would entail. The law includes the creation of a national security bureau to target particular crimes.

• Cases with respect to secession, subversion of state power, terrorism and colluding with foreign powers will not be tried under Hong Kong’s separate judicial system, but under mainland laws. Such categories have recently been used to jail political activists on the mainland.

• This new legislation will be safeguarded by a committee, directed by Beijing and led by Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam.

• Lam will have the authority to appoint judges to deal with cases related to national security. Currently, senior judges allocate judicial rosters through Hong Kong’s independent judicial system.

• New police and prosecution units will also be set up for the purpose of investigation and enforcement of law.

• Simon Young, a professor at the University of Hong Kong's law school said, "From these initial details, this new law presents unprecedented legal questions that we will have to confront in coming years."

• Officials in Beijing and Hong Kong have repeatedly reassured people that the new law will not take away Hong Kong’s autonomy, but will only target a small section of “troublemakers” who pose a threat to national security.

• However, political activists widely believe that the new law will strip Hong Kong of its political freedoms contained in the “one country, two systems” deal.

• It is yet to be announced when the new law will come into force. Speculations by political analysts claim that it may be enacted ahead of the September 6 legislative council elections held in Hong Kong.

• However, China’s top political body is scheduled to have a 3-day meeting at the end of this month, indicating the possibility of the National Security law coming into effect then.

Reporter : Pranab G

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