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Changed Name, Police Complaints: Curious Case of Indore Dog Lover – A Complete Hoax

This will be my last video, says a distraught woman sobbing on an Instagram clip, accusing some locals in her Indore neighborhood of constant harassment and threats for several months while cops refuse to take any action. Bombarded with questions after the video went massively viral, the police have firmly denied her charges of not taking any action.

Sakshi Sharma, who claims to runs a shelter for stray dogs, claimed that for the past several months some locals, who run slaughterhouses in the area in Indore's Tilak Nagar, have been harassing her. They have abused her verbally, assaulted her, and threatened to kill her, she claimed.

"Over the last 10 months, these people have been taking drugs right outside my house. They have made it difficult for me to step out of the house after 5 in the evening. When I reported the matter to the Tilak Nagar Police, they told me that it is happening because there is no male member in your family, you're unmarried, and there are dogs in your house," she said in the video.

She claimed that the police refused to help her and instead advised her to get married and have kids. "I have committed a big crime by sheltering these 40 dogs here," she said on the video.

The police however have vehemently rejected her allegations. Indore’s Tilak Nagar police station in-charge Dinesh Verma told the press, “After the video went viral, I went with a team to investigate, along with People for Animals chief Priyanshu Jain and counseled her. The woman’s problem is that a lot of cattle rearers come to the area that causes trouble for the dogs. We have told the beat in-charge to ensure that doesn’t happen,” he said.

“Some of the claims that she has made on social media are baseless. She claims that the police haven’t investigated the matter. An FIR was filed on 9 March after she had lodged a complaint. One accused was also arrested. She hasn’t mentioned that in her video. We have spoken to the people in the area. Her life is not in danger. We also got the security guard to the station and spoke to him,” he told the press.

Reporter – Srijan Vasireddy

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