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Biden's Election Campaign: A Humanitarian Overview

Biden throughout his campaign has talked about policies that could potentially do wonders to the people of America and the USA’s foreign relations as a whole. Biden’s policy with almost all of America’s foreign problems as of this point of time is to reconcile all treaties which Trump signed the country out of and to cool down confrontations on all fronts. Here’s what Biden seeks to on the foreign and social front:

CLIMATE AND ENERGY: Biden acknowledges that climate change is a real thing and has heavily criticized Trump for pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Biden has said he will definitely rejoin the agreement if elected president. He also wants to spend 2 trillion dollars to turbocharge the clean energy economy.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Biden wants to set minimum standards and a minimum number of testing sites in each state, he also wants to create a state and local government agency fund that would pay for medical supplies, hiring health workers, lastly he wants to eliminate cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment and wants to change the law so that it can apply to future public health emergencies.

GUN LAWS: The focus on terrorism in America has come onto the homefront. Biden wants to bring about universal background checks for buyers of guns and an assault weapons ban. He also pushes for the development of “smart guns” and incentives for states to adopt “red flag” laws.

ABORTION: in 1981, Biden voted for a bill that would’ve overturned Roe v. Wade and, and has once even said a woman shouldn’t have the ”sole right to say what should happen to her body.” However, Biden’s stance on abortion has since changed and has aligned himself with the Democratic mainstream stance i.e. pro-choice.

IMMIGRATION: Trump throughout his 2016 campaign preached a form of economic nationalism and recently he even suspended H1-B visas which have resulted in the loss of the jobs of many. Biden wants to change all that and is anti-restrictionism. He wants to bring about immigration reform and also wants to address the root causes of immigration in the countries of origin.

Biden has additionally wanted to triple federal funding for public schools and make a comprehensive climate action plan that thematically borrows from the Green New is limited in targeting oil and gas exploration. Biden isn’t running for Medicare for all either, instead, he’s endorsing the ACA and a more limited public proposal.

It seems to be that Biden has policies that are almost in stark difference to Trump’s, giving voters a chance to decide what kind of turn America needs at this point in time. Additionally, we can see that Biden isn’t as radically left as the previous democratic contenders, making him an ideal choice in the minds of both leftist and centrist voters, who he is currently championing. Even older conservatives seem to have connected with him especially since Trump’s ageist remarks against Joe Biden. Biden’s policies are internationally populist and Trump’s policies are very much economically nationalist. There are many aspects to this election apart from the policy standpoint, Biden, for example, has changed his views since the past and has instead, made his views in line with the mainstream Democratic view.

In the end, it's up to the voters to decide how they want to make America great again.

Reporter: Jovan H

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