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Biden makes history with Vice Presidential nomination

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris becomes the first Black woman and the only South Asian American woman to become a US Vice Presidential nominee. She was Biden’s former competitor for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination and previously represented California in the US Senate after serving as the State’s Attorney General. This marks an important day in US Presidential history.

The announcement comes after a four-month selection process despite pressure from left factions that wanted Biden to pick a progressive star like Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Biden’s vice-presidential candidate pick is distinctly important this election due to the fact that if elected Biden will become the oldest person elected President. “She’s been a leader on criminal justice and marriage equality. And she has focused like a laser on the racial disparities as a result of the coronavirus” Biden said.

She is the daughter of two immigrant academics, a father from Jamaica and an Indian- American mother. She was raised in Oakland and Berkeley and pursued a career in criminal justice.

Biden’s choice received immediate praise from his former rival for the Democratic nomination Sen. Amy Klobouchar of Minnesota who called it a “historic moment” and praised Harris’s leadership, experience, and character.

Reporter: Rohan Sanghrajka

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