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Biden leads polls amid civil unrest in the U.S.

The American people have never faced the need to make such an important choice as they have to this November. The world community engulfed by a pandemic, cities filled with violent riots and protests, and the looming idea of schools to be opened. This election, will no doubt he historic, but also greatly consequential, as the president will have to battle unprecedented odds.

Multiple acclaimed national polls are indicating that Joe Biden is leading by double digits, a momentous low for the Republican Party. The exact cause as to this low isn’t clear, but the coincidence to the events happening in cities like Portland is striking. Trump is pouring in federal officers into Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia in response to anti-administration protests. The protests, originally in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement, have turned into violent riots. They are led by people who identify as Antifa, anti-fascists, and anti-racists and are targeting public buildings and institutions in an effort to denounce the institutionalized racism and the killing of a number of Black people.

Issues like those in Portland and other cities can go a long way in determining a candidate’s ticket to the White House. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, in a press briefing, called the protests “anarchy” and “anything but a peaceful protest”. She called out Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn, and urged the people to understand that “Rhetoric like this cannot be allowed to set us back”.

Looking at the polls, specifically, Biden has secured major wins in certain survey categories: Job Approval, Performance in office, Honesty, Leadership, and ability to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. The Quinnipiac University Study, indicates Trump’s approval rating for the following categories, the military (41% approve, 51% disapprove), foreign policy (37%approve, 59% disapprove), health care (35% approve, 59% disapprove), race relations (31% approve, 65% disapprove) and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic (35% approve, 62% disapprove).

The conclusion can never be perfectly drawn by-polls, as was the case of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, who secured the popular vote by a very small margin, unlike the predictive data. But this is a setback that cannot be ignored, and it will be up to Trump’s campaign to reenergize his base.

Reporter: Omkar

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