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Biden accuses Trump of "coddling" global terrorists

One day after presidential candidate Joe Biden announced his running mate for the elections, appeared with Kamala Harris on 12th August, during this appearance, Biden accused Trump of coddling global terrorists. This statement made right-wingers on social media reminds Biden that Biden himself was opposed to the raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout, back in 2011. This raid ultimately led to the death of Osama bin Laden.

Biden said, "We're going to get to work fixing the work Trump and Pence have created, both at home and abroad, through four years of mismanagement and coddling terrorists and thugs around the world. The president is on track to break another record — he's on track to leave the office with the worst jobs record of any president in American history."

Soon right after, twitter was flooded by tweets accusing Biden of making such false claims about Trump when the latter was the one who ordered a drone strike on January 3rd 2020, against Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani.

Senior fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs at Hudson Institute, who is a national security expert, responded to Biden's remarks by tweeting, “There isn’t enough spin in the world to claim the Trump admin has ‘coddled terrorists.’ He relaxed the [Rules of Engagement] so that the military [could] more effectively carry out a fast-tempo campaign. And the DoD rightly placed the blame for higher civilian casualties on ISIS.”

Trump has carried out various successful strikes against terrorists such as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (top ISIS leader), Hamza bin Laden(son of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda senior leader) and Asim Umar( Al Qaeda head of operations, Indian Subcontinent).

The Trump administration has also designated white supremacist organizations as terrorist groups and has been pushing to designate a neo-Nazi group as a terrorist organization. The RAND Corporation, which conducts objective research services and public policy analyses say that domestic terrorism has actually increased during the Obama-Biden administration.

Reporter: Jovan H

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