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Bangalore riots – Part 2  Has politics been involved to a greater extent than it should have been?

After a series of investigations and explorations of the Bangalore riots of K.G Halli & D.J Halli by the police squad, the Police Department have stated and informed the Chief Minster and the Government that the cause of the riots is not only a religious or communal issue but is also due to the role of local politics and local leaders who are against The MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.  

Later in the week, CM BSY was informed by his Cabinet Colleague, R Ashok that 3 Councillors are said to be involved in the rioting that took place in the Pulakeshi Nagar Constituency on Tuesday Night earlier this week. He also added that, “The MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy was saying that SDPI is involved; along with them 3 Corporators are also involved.” 

It is also observed that The State Congress Team received few sources stating that the Rioting could be the handiwork of some people in our party who do not like or have hatred against MLA Srinivasa Murthy. 



The present MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy of Pulakeshi Nagar was earlier with JD(S). During the time of 2018 Karnataka State Elections, he moved to the Congress Party along with Zameer Ahmed and 5 others who were also in JDS.  

The Congress’  B.Prasanna Kumar had won in 2008 but in 2013 Prasanna Kumar was defeated by Murthy and in 2018, Murthy won from the Congress Ticket whereas Prasanna Kumar switched to JDS.  

The Constituency which has a large majority of Muslim population, has been the Congress Fort because of its appeasement towards the minority vote bank. Hence, now the Congress has awakened politically that worrying that they might be losing the Muslim vote bank, the main support base of the constituency because the SDPI is trying to consolidate the Muslim in its favour. The SDPI could use the riots to its advantage ahead of BBMP Elections; note that the main accused in the riots Muzammil Pasha belongs to the SDPI.  



Later in the week on Thursday night, the Police arrested Kalim Pasha husband of a Congress Councillor Irshad Begum of the Pulkaeshi Nagar Constituency for his involvement and role in the riots that broke out in D.J.Halli and K.G.Halli on Tuesday. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) probing the Riot case has stated that, “We have learnt that Kalim Pasha was in touch with main rioters during the riots and we suspect he was also part of those who started the violence.”  

On Friday Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said “The violence started due to internal clashes among the Congress Party itself and rift and strained relationship between SDPI and Congress.” 

The Commissioner has also said that they have learnt that the Former Mayor of Bangalore - Sampath Raj has been involved in the rioting because of his hatred against MLA Srinivasa Murthy. The Police has taken Sampath Raj’s nephew into custody as there was clear evidence against him – linking him with the rioters provoking people to gather during the riots. MLA Srinivasa Murthy also have said that he and Sampath Raj had political differences internally.  

Police sources have stated that around 250 rioters have been arrested and 60 FIRs have been filed. However Political Parties have been playing the blame game, taking digs at each other.  

We see that this riot is a mix of Communalism, hatred between two religions and most importantly involvement of local leaders with dirty politics fighting for a ticket and this is the proof that politics has the  paved way towards Communalism and divided people on the lines of religion over the past decades.

Reporter: Agni Tejas

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