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Bangalore riots-Explained

Hours after 3 people died and more than 60 people were severely injured following violence in certain localities in Bengaluru East, provoked by a Man who uploaded incendiary social media post, the accused man was been identified as (Naveen) the Nephew of a Congress Legislator Akhanda Srinivasamurthy from the Pulakeshi Nagar Constituency in East Bangalore.

The events that developed on Tuesday night were something Bengaluru City Police had not seen in a long time. For the citizens who witnessed it, it came as a shock to them as they had only heard about such incidents in UP, Delhi etc. The men in uniform may have handled more widespread violence in other densely populated areas but they never lasted this long.

Tuesday’s night witnessed guerrilla-like action by the mob which attacked the Legislators house and the two police stations along with the narrow small lanes of East Bengaluru. The violence was spread over 3 Localities – Kavalbyrasandra, K.G. Halli, D.G.Halli and in the police station limitations.

The reaction for the derogatory Facebook post started around 7 PM, in front of The MLA’s House at Pulakeshi Nagar and lasted till 2 AM on Wednesday. Things started getting worse after 10 PM as mobs locked up K.G.Halli and D.G.Halli Police Stations and started vandalizing the police station and police vehicles. Additional forces of the Police Department rushed from various parts of the city to help colleagues at the two stations but they were at the receiving end of a barrage of stones, bottles, brick every step of the way.

The Police officers reported that streetlights were damaged and at several places they had to orchestrate roadblocks in the dark. Vehicles were set on fire and pushed to the middle of the road to stop cops in their tracks.

A fire and emergency service fire truck that was passing through Tannery Road to reach K.G.Halli police station wasn’t able to make much headway because half a kilometre before the station the mob of people blocked their path, smashed the glasses of the vehicles and started beating the workers of the emergency service.

Local Media reported that at least three people had died of gunshot wounds.

The narrow and small lanes of K.GHalli provided the mobs with the perfect opportunity to corner and attack the police. The police were surrounded everywhere and when they would try to clear the mob at one area, another would emerge on the other side.


Later on Wednesday, The Home Minister of Karnataka Government said the police had to resort to firing as the last option and the situation was now fully under control. He also added that the CRPF had been deployed in violent areas.

HM Basavaraj Bommai also added that an investigation would be held as per the NHRC guidelines and the order had been passed from the Ministry to recover any damaged property from the perpetrators who had been identified by the police.

Several Leaders including Bangalore South MP, Revenue Minister R.Ashok and Tourism Minister C.T.Ravi on Wednesday, urged CM BSY and HM Basavaraj Bommai to ensure that the miscreants are identified. They further implored that the state government should confiscate the properties of all those involved in the violence and recover damages of the public property from the miscreants.

City Commissioner of Police Kamal Pant said that “Around 140 Rioters have been arrested in connection with the Violence.” He also tweeted that the Nephew of the MLA who posted an Islamophobic post on Facebook has been arrested. A Senior Police Officer further added that “A detailed investigation and the process to identify others are still underway, among those detained were Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Leader Muzamil Pasha. However, we are yet to ascertain the exact degree of his involvement in the issue.”


Labelling the violence as a well-planned act, Revenue Minister R.Ashok was quoted saying, “The perpetrators will be dealt with an iron hand.” He also added, “As soon as we get exact proof of SDPI involvement in the Violence, The Government will pass an order to completely ban SDPI in the State, All discussions have been made for the order with CM and the Central Government and very soon steps will be taken to ensure such incidents do not occur again and the miscreants will be punished.”

Reporter: Agni Tejas