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AstraZeneca’s vaccine has reached phase three clinical trials in US

Donald Trump has announced that the vaccine for Covid-19 being developed by AstraZeneca, known as AZD1222 has reached phase 3 clinical trials in the country and is very close to being finalised for approval.

The phase three clinical trial is being implemented as a part of operation Warp Speed, led by US Health and Human Services, which aims at accelerating the development and manufacturing of medical countermeasures for Covid-19 and delivering 300 million doses of an effective vaccine byJanuary 2021. Other companies that have covid-19 vaccines in phase three clinical trials include Moderna Inc and Pfizer Inc.

The trial will enrol approximately 30,000 adult volunteers at 80 sites in the US to evaluate if the candidate vaccine can prevent covid-19. Volunteers after initial screening, will receive two injections of either the investigational vaccine or a saline placebo approximately four weeks apart.

The clinical primarily is designed to determine if AZD122 can prevent symptoms of Covid-19 after two doses. The trial also will evaluate if the vaccine candidate can prevent SARS-COV-2 infection regardless of symptoms and if it can prevent severe covid-19.

The findings indicate the candidate vaccine rapidly induced immune responses against SARS-COV-2 in mice and rhesus macaques. A single dose of the vaccine protected six rhesus macaques from pneumonia caused by the virus.

Participants will be followed for two years after their second vaccination. They will be asked to provide blood and nasopharyngeal samples at their initial visit and will be asked to provide blood samples periodically for the duration of the trial. Scientists will examine the blood samples in the laboratory to measure and characterize immune responses. The severity of the disease observed will be measured and used to assess the activity of the investigational vaccine.

Trump is proud to almost have a vaccine developed in months when it nearly takes years. He’s trying to have the vaccine approved by November 3.

Reporter: Shriya D

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