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Another unarmed black man shot by the police in Wisconsin

The murderers of Breonna Taylor have not been adequately punished for their crime as yet, and yet again, another case of police brutality and sheer racism emerges.

Jacob Blake, a 29 year old father to 5 and fiancé of Laquisha Booker, was shot seven times in the back by two officers from the police force of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The two cops, whose actions have been caught on video, are currently on administrative leave, and the city of Kenosha is declared to be in a state of emergency, seeing the volume and number of protests that rocked the city soon after the recording got viral on social media.

The recording shows Jacob, making his way round a silver SUV, the police officers following him, guns drawn. Right as he tried to get into the car, they shoot 7 bullets - with 3 of his children as eye witnesses!

Jacob is currently in critical condition in Froedtert hospital, Milwaukee, where he was taken by helicopter.

Ever since May, the United States has seen a large number of protests and demonstrations that begun when a black name, namely George Floyd, was killed by an officer of the Minneapolis police for a petty crime.

These protests sparked up once again,and became violent to the extent that county officials had to enforce a curfew for citizens.

Protesters gathered in front of the Kenosha courthouse, meeting eye to eye with police in riot gear, who sprayed tear gas at the protesters.

Multiple dump and garbage trucks were set ablaze, and protests continued outside the Kenosha County Public Safety Building.

The next day saw a new curfew, the Kenosha courthouse close & more unrest.

Although the case has been handed over to the District Attorney's office,citizens are shocked, scared & confused - a man was shot multiple times just because he tried to break up a fight in the neighbourhood?

Reporter: Maahi Shah

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