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All You Need to Know About Trump's Disastrous Interview With Axios

This week, president Trump had one of the most sensational interviews during his tenure. The interview with Jonathan Swanson of Axios began with Trump providing a slew of lies about his response to COVID 19 and the current state of the pandemic in the country.

What could only be described as one of the most terrifying parts of the interview came when Swanson asked Trump why he wasn't doing more than what he was, to fight the virus along with questioning him why the virus has hit the US much harder than other countries. Swanson also inquired as to how the president could say how the epidemic was in control when a rough figure of 1000 Americans are dying everyday. Trump calmly said, “They are dying. It's true. It is what it is.” One of the biggest struggles in America as of now with regard to the pandemic are the long wait times it takes for testing which essentially render the tests useless, Trump retorted back to Swanson’s question regarding this issue saying, “There are those that say you can test too much. You know that?” When Swanson asked which expert has said this, Trump asked him to read the books and manuals. In response to Swanson’s question about which books he was to read to get the information trump had provided him with, trump dodged the question and instead said, ”When I took over we didn’t even have a test”, because in the eyes of Mr. Trump, Obama should have had a COVID-19 test ready when the virus wasn't even virtually existent.

Trump notably even stated that the US was among the lowest in the world with regard to COVID-19 related deaths, too which Swanson said, Trump was talking in a proportion of cases whereas he was talking in a proportion of population, giving an example of South Korea which has a population of 50 million and only 300 deaths. Trump stated that South Korea is obviously faking its numbers, but Swanson challenged this statement. Trump again showed Swanson a piece of paper saying, “Here’s one right here. You take the number of cases. No, look. We’re last. Meaning we’re first.” Swanson responded saying, “I mean, 1,000 Americans die a day, if hospital rates were going down and deaths were going down, I’d say terrific, you deserve to be praised for testing. But they’re all going up!”

Swanson moved on to question Trump's knowledge about the Russian bounties on US soldiers since Trump made the statement in the same interview, “I read a lot. I comprehend extraordinarily well. Probably better than anybody you’ve interviewed in a long time.”

He revealed feelings of confusion about the absentee and mail-in voting and struggled a to why he wished accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and dismissed a video of federal law enforcement officials using a baton to beat a Navy veteran who was part of the protests in Portland. Trump rescinded to this saying that the Antifa must be investigated for this crime of battery and law enforcement shouldn’t.

Swanson, towards the end of the interview asked Trump about the systemic racism in America, Trump dodged with equivalency and said, “The police have killed many white people too”. Trump overshot when he said, “more for the Black community than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, whether you like it or not.” Swanson asked Trump if he had done more than Lyndon Johnson, who had passed the civil rights act. Trump counter questioned Swanson asking him if the act worked out.

When asked about the legacy of civil rights legend John Lewis, Trump at first said, he did not know, as John Lewis didn't come to his inauguration. Swanson asked Trump to put aside his personal relationship with Lewis. Trump then praised Lewis and brushed him off right after while saying there were many others who did more than him.

Reporter: Jovan H

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