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COVID Assistance

3,52,991 positive cases and counting. As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic storms the hospitals in India leaving no soul untouched, the country crumbles on Twitter and Instagram with requests for hospital beds, ICUs, oxygen, ventilators, plasma and other essential services.

With a lockdown being most imposed later than never, migrants flock the country in hopes of reaching their hometown instead of being stuck at this new Epicenter. Coupled with shortages of testing and staffs. The turmoil continues. 

Looking at this dire situation, we at Epicenter are trying our best to connect those in need with the available resources on social media. Calling in every hospital in the city in hopes of finding a single bed for those in need, and using twitter bots to find leads in the city to verifying oxygen suppliers with stock in real time, the job is far from done. Epicenter plans to start a donation drive to reimburse the costs of oxygen for those who cannot afford it and try to meet the needs of as many as possible.

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